Fitness Tips 101 – Keep it Simple!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first ever blog!

This will be ongoing with new entries trickling in over time. The point of this first fitness tip is SIMPLICITY.

Many people are overwhelmed with the thought of beginning a fitness routine. Diet, sleep, workout, type of gym, training at home, supplements….. UGH!!!

Whether you train at home, outside, or in a facility, DON’T feel overwhelmed. DON’T give in to fad diets and workouts, and DON’T let anyone complicate it.

There are two things I like people to take into consideration when they are starting a workout, especially regarding weight loss.

1. The King and the Subject
2. Simple Math

My king and subject analogy refers to thousands of years without heart rate monitors, treadmills, protein shakes, etc. A simpler time, when a king would sit on his throne, drinking wine and eating a turkey leg. He would sit and watch his loyal subjects drag enormous rocks into place to build and expand his kingdom. The king would be obese, while the subjects would be muscular and fit. They probably had the correlation all figured out then, yet for some reason, we can’t figure it out now? There are two factors contributing to this present day confusion. The first factor is, as you may have guessed, MONEY. Buy this meal plan, buy these supplements, buy these dvd’s or workout plans, pay a trainer, do this fad workout…….. The second factor is our society’s eternal search for the easy way out. We have a fitness industry and market that is bigger than ever. There will always be infomercials, fads, and the “next best thing” to take your money. And riding hand-in-hand with those products/services, will be the sheep of the world that follow along, in search of that magic pill. When in the end, there is no magic pill. Just work. And after that, there is more work. The king was fat. The subject was fit. And somewhere in the middle, there lies a happy medium. MODERATE diet, and MODERATE exercise. Too much of either and you will overwhelm yourself, both physically and mentally.

Simple math is not an analogy. It is just FACT. The prime example of an absolute truth is 1+1=2. The same holds true for fitness. If you burn less calories than you ingest, you will GAIN WEIGHT. If you burn more calories than you ingest, you will LOSE WEIGHT. Again SIMPLE MATH. Burn more calories that you eat, and you will lose weight. Many people will take either the diet OR the exercise to the extreme and this will result in progress, but for a short lived amount of time. One will either get overwhelmed mentally or physically, and will not stick to anything extreme. Once again, the key is MODERATION. Eating smaller portions and avoiding “dumb” foods, can make a big difference. Especially when coupled with moderate cardio exercise. By the way, in case you were wondering, “dumb” foods are anything that you know very clearly is dumb to be putting in your mouth. Deep fried foods, fast foods, foods very high in carbs, sugar or fats…. However, keep in mind that if you do not have a bit of pleasure with your diet, you will quickly fall off of your plan. Also, the main points of working out are to look better, feel better, and live longer. But what good is living longer if you are miserable? I bring you back to the MODERATION point. Training is the same way. If you are killing yourself with your training, what is the point? You will either be overwhelmed, mentally or physically. You will be frustrated, miserable, and likely end up injured or giving up.

In summary, eat a little better, workout a little more, and live a lot better!

Please tune in again for my next tip, “LESS IS MORE”…..